Saturday, 25 November 2017

On Gossamer Cotton Mesh Unlined - A Review

Review of On Gossamer Cotton Mesh Unlined bra

My Betsey Johnson Stocking Stripe finally broke...the underwire popped out of its channel so I had to throw it away. I decided to take a chance and buy a new bra so here comes the On Gossamer Cotton Mesh Unlined in 30D! This is my first blog review of an On Gossamer bra and I am very happy with the results...

Band Size: Band stretches out to 32". Doesn't feel too loose or too tight. Feels perfect.

Cup Size: Great. This bra runs true to size in overall cup volume. 

Cup Shape: Great for right boob, alright for left boob. My left boob is slightly smaller than my right boob so while right boob looked perfect in this bra, there was just a tad bit of wrinkling in the left cup of this bra. My right boob has more bottom fullness and immediate projection than my left boob. This bra is made for people who have tall roots and average projection.

Cup Spacing and Center Gore: Great. The wires are flexible so they conform to my shape and spacing.

Color: Great. Can't go wrong with basic white.

Verdict: This bra gets an 100% rating. Even though there was a tad bit too much projection in the left cup, it is not On Gossamer's fault. I simply have slightly asymmetrical boobs and that's ok! It's so comfortable in every way. 

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