Friday, 2 December 2016

Holiday Giveaway!!!

I'm cleaning out my bra closet and doing a holiday giveaway!! I have 7 bras listed on Bratabase for giveaway or exchange. Click the link of the bra(s) you are interested in and you will be taken to the listing on Bratabase.

32A, 32B - Aerie Scarlet - This one is a 32A on the label. It has removable padding and can fit someone who needs 32B if the padding is removed.

30D - Gossard Superboost

30D - b'tempt.d Perfectly Fabulous Spacer Bra - TRANSFERRED

30D - Parfait Janet - TRANSFERRED to mslt

28DD - Freya Beau Plunge - TRANSFERRED

30D, 28DD - Gossard Glossies Padded - This one is a 30D on the label but can just as easily fit for someone who needs 28DD due to its firm band. TRANSFERRED

Happy holidays everyone!! XOXO


  1. Hey, I might be interested in some of these. You used the wrong bratabase link in both this post and your reddit post, though. It just takes everyone to their own bras, rather than yours.

  2. Heyyy really nice and sexy wanna buy lingerie online too .. as a gift to someone special