Friday, 16 September 2016

Parfait Janet unmoulded - A Review

Review of Parfait Janet unmoulded bra

It has been almost two years since I tried on a Parfait bra. I had some bad experiences with the Jeanie (ran large in the cups) and the Charlotte (inconsistent in overall sizing) so I decided to avoid the brand for a while. I got bored of my current bra wardrobe though so I went browsing on Bratabase for some bra swaps and this 30D bra is what I got. 

Band Size: Very good. It's a 30 band that runs slightly small. The band stretches out to 29.5". This is a great buy for people who technically measure as 28 bands but find true-to-size and small 28 band bras to be too small. 

Cup Size: Good. This bra runs true to size in overall cup volume. 

Cup Shape: Almost bad. This bra is almost too immediately shallow and is almost too projected. The top parts of the cups almost cut into my flesh. That being said, it doesn't. It has broad wires, which I like.

Cup Spacing and Center Gore: Very good. The cup spacing is far apart and the underwires come up low at the center gore. 

Color: Alright. I don't mind the silver grey color.

Verdict: This bra gets an 80% rating. It best caters to people who have broad roots, medium height or short roots, with average projection and a conical shape. If you feel like the Cleo Marcie and/or the Cleo Hettie are too narrow in the wires for you, this might work. 

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