Sunday, 18 September 2016

Freya Beau Plunge - A Review

Review of Freya Beau Plunge bra

I don't often review Freya bras as I feel that most of their styles are either too narrow/projected for my shape or too broad/shallow for my shape. The Freya bras I have owned tend to be on the broad/shallow side of the spectrum, hence the Deco Strapless, Deco Soft Cup, and the Deco Half Cup. I went browsing on Bratabase again for some bra swaps and got the Freya Beau Plunge in 28DD. 

Band Size: Typical Freya bra, so good. It's a 28 band that stretches out to 30", which is normal for non-strapless, non-longline Freya bras. I like it this way, because I need 28 bands that run large or 30 bands that run true-to-size or small.

Cup Size: Good. This bra runs true to size in overall cup volume. 

Cup Shape: Okay. At first this bra felt like the Cleo Marcie. However, it is ever-so-slightly more narrow in the cups and ever-so-slightly more projected at the top parts of the cups. In my size range the Cleo Marcie has medium breadth wires, average projection and is made for FOT and/or tall rooted shapes. 

Cup Spacing and Center Gore: Not very good. Even though the distance between the cups is pretty average .625" and the center gore is only 2" high, the wires at the center gore feel really really far apart and really really high.

Color: Alright. I don't mind the candy color.

Verdict: This bra gets only a 50% rating. While it fitted my shape (just barely), it also becomes uncomfortable after a while. I can wear this bra around for a little while but not all day. It best caters to people who have slightly narrow roots, slightly above average overall projection (but immediately shallow), and an FOT and/or tall rooted shape. If you feel like the Cleo Marcie was a good fit you will like this one too.

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