Wednesday, 10 August 2016

OnGossamer Cabana Cotton Modal Wire-Free Bra - A Review

Review of OnGossamer Cabana Cotton Modal Wire-Free bra

It has been 10 months since I last bought a bra. I am looking for some wireless bras as my Freya Deco Soft Cup bra is getting too shallow, especially at the bottom parts of the cups. I want something that is ideally non-pushup and with more immediate projection. This would take the TOMgirl Yoga Bra, the Gossard Super Smooth and the OnGossamer Mesh Unwire Uplift out of contention. I figured there would be no harm in trying the OnGossamer Cabana Cotton Modal Wire-Free bra in 30D to see if it worked. 

Band Size: Fine. It's a 30 band that feels like a 30 band. It does ride up in the back a bit. Upon further inspection, the band stretches out to 32".

Cup Size: Awful. This bra runs large in the cup, which is pretty bad cause the OnGossamer Mesh Bump-It-Up runs small in the cup. I feel that OnGossamer might be inconsistent in their cup sizing. 

Cup Shape: Awful This bra is immediately too shallow and too projected at the apex. It's great if your shape is very conical and size is 30DD but for me it does not work.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Good.

Color: Good. I like the light heather grey.

Verdict: This bra gets only a 50% rating from me. While I'm not miffed about the band running a bit larger, I am not happy with the cups running 1 full cup volume larger and the shape being very hard-to-fit. Very few people have that conical shape but if you do have this shape it might be nice to try.

In the future I might get the Lepel Lyla Soft Bra and the Fortnight Mira and see what happens.

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