Monday, 8 August 2016

Forty Winks Retail Store Review

Forty Winks is a small, independently owned retailer of underwear and sleepwear. It is located in Harvard Square and so I paid them a visit today to check out some different bra brands than what I usually wear.

When I first walked in, the salesperson was busy with another customer. This let me browse for a bit by myself. Once the other customer left the salesperson immediately said hi and welcome to me. She got a fitting room started for me and answered my question about which brands the store carries. I was especially interested in trying out some bras by Fortnight, On Gossamer, Skarlett Blue, and Gossard. 

Their selection of bras is okay. They carry two styles in 28A-C, both by TLBC. They have somewhat of a selection of bras from 30A to 40G by various brands. I found that while the size and brand selection is pretty decent, almost all the bras cater to shallow and broad rooted shapes. If your shape is projected and/or narrow rooted, there are fewer styles here for you to try. 

This is a tiny store, so I won't hound them too much for not having so much selection. I think it is a very positive sign that they carry 28, 30, and 40 bands at all, plus F, FF, and G cups. The prices vary; most things were between $40 - $100.

Verdict: 4/5


  1. Interesting they have their own branded bras. I'd like a place to try on Gossard bras in person, as I don't think they'd work for me and don't want to spend the time returning online purchases. Did you try on any bras at Forty Winks?

    1. Yes, and thank you for catching my typo. I had meant to say that they carry Fortnight brand lingerie.

      While they did carry Gossard, it was only in 1 style and only a few sizes were available.

      Depending on where you life, it can be almost impossible to try on Gossard bras in store. In the US it seems like it's almost impossible, anyways. In the UK there are many retailers that carry Gossard.

      If you go to Bratabase many people have listed their Gossard bras for sale or exchange. Even if the bra doesn't work out for you, they don't cost a whole lot and you can re-list them for sale or exchange:

  2. I love Skarlett Blue! The Minx Unlined is the best!!! check it out