Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Aerie adds another style in 30 bands!

For a couple of years now Aerie has offered the following styles of bras in 30A-D: Blakely, Bridget, Hannah, Katie, and Sunnie. Late last year they added the Sunnie Push-up, which caters to the same basic shape has the regular Sunnie. I just noticed that the Audrey, a multiway convertible strapless bra, now comes in 30A-D! This is great news for both 30 band wearers and 28 band wearers because the Audrey is known to run small in the band. I have yet to try out this bra for myself, but it looks promising. It comes in three colors: Black, White and Natural "Nude"***

***I really wish they would stop using this term. Not everybody has this skin color and it's just plain discriminatory.

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