Monday, 30 November 2015

More Bust Friendly Clothing! Cashmerette releases the Washington Dress, Cup Sizes C-H

About six weeks ago I made my first foray into blogging about clothing for people who are plus-sized, curvy, and/or have a large bust. For those of you who missed it, I wrote about how a wonderful lady named Jenny Rushmore has started her own sewing pattern company for people who wear dress sizes 12-28 and dress cup sizes C-H. Her first collection under the label Cashmerette consisted of one dress, the Appleton which got many good reviews. 

I am pleased to announce that Jenny has released her much-awaited second pattern, the Washington Dress. As many customers wanted a non-wrap dress, the Washington is a perfectly versatile piece. Make the dress or skip the skirt pieces and make a curved hem top! And like everything in the Cashmerette collection, dress sizes are from 12-28, and dress cup sizes are from C-H!

Just remember, dress cup sizes are totally different from bra cup sizes! I usually wear 30D or 28DD but my dress cup size is 'B' or 'C'. You may find that your bra size is 32F but you may need a 'D' in dress cup sizes. 

Friday, 20 November 2015

New Small Cup Lingerie Line! Missguided now carries lingerie: sizes 30AA-34C

Missguided is a six year old brand from the United Kingdom, known for its fashion-forwardness, affordability, and youthful styles. Founded in 2009, it has exploded in popularity across the world and now has a brick-and-mortar store in Manchester as well as in-store presence at Nordstrom in the United States. As a member of the bra fitting community, I am super excited to announce to you that they now carry lingerie! In non-matrix sizes! This is especially good news for price-conscious people and people who wear petite sizes as their non-matrix sizes inclue 30AA, 30A, 30B, and 30C! In fact, their entire line of lingerie is geared towards people who wear small cup sizes as their size range spans from 30AA to 34C. Best of all, they ship to 138 different countries!

If you're a fan of super sexy and youthful styles in petite sizes at affordable prices, Missguided is definitely the way to go. All of their bras are $34 or less. I looked around and found this stunning bra...

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Adventures in Sewing: Butterick 4985

You have seen my petite outfit posts and you have seen my numerous bra reviews. You may have even seen my posts on bust friendly clothing. Today marks the start of my new blog series: Adventures in Sewing. Many people find that they don't fit into "standard size" clothing at the mall. One good solution to this problem is to make your own clothing! I am petite and I tend to be larger on top than I am on bottom. In RTW clothing sizes I need a size 2 or 4 in tops but a size 0 or 00 in bottoms. That combined with me being petite is not a good combo. I have decided to temporarily stop buying RTW clothing from the mall and make my own awesome outfits!

I wanted to start with a good button-down shirt is a) not basic (cause I'm not a basic b****) and b) wearable to work. Ever since I saw fabric by Japanese brand Nani Iro being sewn around on the internets, I decided that I must have my own Nani Iro fabric to use for a special project. For my pattern I chose Butterick 4985 as it's a button-down shirt pattern that isn't horrifically difficult to sew. I have sewn it before so why not sew it again?  The pattern comes in pattern dress sizes 6-12 (this is NOT the same as RTW dress sizes) and I chose a size 6. The directions were really good and this was a very well drafted pattern. However, the one thing that was less than stellar was the collar band pattern piece. I feel like it was drafted to be too small, if you are considering getting this pattern, just know to cut out the collar band pattern piece one size larger than all the other pieces. The shirt feels just a tad too small around the bust and just a tad too loose around the waist, especially in the front. If I ever make this shirt again I will do a slight full bust adjustment and maybe cut the front midriff section just a bit smaller.

All in all, this sewing project took way more time than I thought it would. I spent like 10 or 15 hours on it, but it was well worth it. This shirt is great if you're petite or have a short torso cause the length of it is really short. I usually have to lop off 2 inches from all my tops that I buy from the mall, so it was nice to make a shirt that was exactly the length I wanted it to be.