Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Freya Deco Half Cup - A Review

Review of Freya Deco Half Cup Bra

I have been waiting for this bra for a while now, and I was excited when it came in the mail. I have had good luck with the Freya Deco Soft Cup so I thought "Why not?" when it came to ordering the Freya Deco Half Cup in 28DD. This bra is interesting. It is both great and awful at the same time.

Band Size: Great. Predictably, this one runs large in the band and stretches out to 30". Most Freya bras will run 1 size large in the band. The main exceptions to this are the longline bras and the strapless bras.

Cup Size: Good. This bra runs true to size in the cup.

Cup Shape: Interesting. This bra is really good and really bad at the same time for me. The good side: this bra creates a lot of uplift - this is hard because my breasts are shallow and the tissue is spread out all over my chest wall. Furthermore, my breasts are far apart spaced. The Freya Deco Half Cup does a good job of moving my breasts upwards and closer together. The bad side: I get some amount of quadding (this is not too bad of an issue) with this bra and there is a little bit of gapping at the gore. This bra requires a lot of inner-side fullness and I have more outer-side fullness. This bra is also not the best for tall roots and/or FOT shapes.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: The gore is a bit too high and is uncomfortable. The cups could have been spaced closer together. 

Color: Okay. I wish I had this bra in the beige colorway.

Verdict: This bra gets only a 60% rating from me. It is a great bra if your breasts are far apart spaced, you have short roots or are FOB, and you have a lot of inner-side fullness. If you are like me and you are tall rooted and have a lot of outer-side fullness this bra might not be for you.

I would like to add that this will be the last bra review I do for a while. I will be focusing more on bust-friendly clothing and bust-friendly sewing, so stay tuned, folks! Bust-friendly fashion news will be coming soon!


  1. Hi Saskia, This is a great blog. Not sure if you`ve mentioned in previous posts, but I was wondering what your actual measurements are so I can get a better idea of the fit of these 28DD bras. Thanks!

    1. My measurements are:

      snug underbust - 28"
      tight underbust - 27"
      standing full bust - 32.5"
      leaning full bust - 34"
      lying down full bust 32.5"