Monday, 28 September 2015

Cleo Koko Flirty - A Review

Review of the Cleo Koko Flirty Bra

As I foretold in my previous post I was looking forward to ordering the Cleo Koko Flirty. I ordered it about 12 days ago and it has finally arrived! It is just as awesome and exciting as its clone, the Cleo Neve.

Band Size: Unlike the Neve, the Neve Strapless, and the Koko Icon, this bra runs way large in the band. It is a 30D bra that stretches all the way out to 34"! 

Cup Size: Like the Cleo Neve, the Koko Flirty runs true to size in the cup.

Cup Shape: This bra is just like the Neve in terms of shape. Sometimes, bras of the similar cuts are ever so slightly different in shape. Not so with the Neve and the Koko Flirty. They feel exactly the same to me.

Cup Spacing and Center Gore: This bra has a low gore and the cups are slightly further apart than the ones on the Neve.

Color: I thought that teal would be a great color for me. It's not a bad color, but it was not amazing like the Neve in Coral was.

Straps: Straps are the same length as the ones on the Neve. If you are short and have a proportionately sized torso you will be fine. If you are tall and have a proportionately sized torso you might wanna pass on this bra. 

Verdict: 100%. I am very happy. Go for for this bra if you have shallow, broad rooted, tall rooted breasts that are not too far apart nor too close together. Avoid if you are super tall and/or have a long torso.

I would like to add that this will be the last Cleo bra review I do in a long time. I saw the new collections for AW 2015 and SS 2016 and was not impressed by their offerings. This was the final Cleo bra that I wanted, so it is now time for a short break from Cleo and from bra reviews in general. Sometime later this autumn I will do a review series on a different lingerie brand, perhaps Freya. Thank you, wonderful people who read my blog.

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