Friday, 4 September 2015

b.tempt'd perfectly fabulous - A Review

Review of b.tempt'd perfectly fabulous Spacer Underwire T-shirt Bra

It has been a very long time since I did my last b.tempt'd review. As you may know, b.tempt'd is one of my favorite lingerie brands ever. They basically make the matrix plus 30B - 30E. Styles are youthful and prices are affordable. Styles cater mainly to shallow, broad rooted, and far apart spaced breasts. As much as I love the'd and the sheer delight, I felt like I had to branch out at some point. I bought the perfectly fabulous in "naturally nude" in 30D to see how it goes...

Band Size: Typical for b.tempt'd. 30 band bra stretches out to 32". However, it doesn't feel too loose. It feels just right.

Cup Size: Cup size is just right.

Cup Shape: Even though the wires are not too broad (5.25"), they are really stretchy so they feel really broad like the Natori Feathers. I wish the wires were less stretchy. I felt like the top edges of the cups cut into my flesh ever so slightly. However, since it was so slight, there wasn't any visible quadboob when I put my shirt on. It wasn't uncomfortable or anything like that.

Cup Spacing and Center Gore: Typical b.tempt'd bra. Low underwires at the gore (which is good. almost all b.tempt'd bras are like this. the only notable exception is the ciao bella, which hurts my sternum) but the gore is a tad too wide. This is a great bra if your breasts are even further apart than mine.

Color: I like it. It's close enough to my skin color.

Verdict: 80% a good bra. This bra's wires are a tad too stretchy for me, and might be a tad too shallow. However, it's b.tempt'd and it's not the ciao bella so I love it anyways. Get this bra if you like the Natori feathers and want something with further apart spaced cups and less cup height.

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