Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Cleo Maddie in 28DD and 28E - A Review

Review of the Cleo Maddie bra in 28DD and 28E

The Cleo Juna wasn't the best bra for my shape, but I wanted to try more Cleo bras anyways. I ordered the Cleo Maddie in 28DD and 28E just in case it fit. While it is far more comfortable than the Juna, it was ultimately a no-go.

Band Size: Both bras feel comfortable in the band. Not too loose, not too tight. They both stretched out to 30".

Cup Size: The 28DD doesn't look too small, but it feels too small. The 28E is probably a tad too big, because it gaps at the upper outer edges of the cups. The 28DD feels like a 28D½ and the 28E feels like a 28DD½. If you are in between cup sizes this is great news for you. If you're a true 28DD like I am, this is not so great news. The sizing of the Cleo Maddie would have been good for me before I gained weight.

Cup Shape: Better than the Juna but still not great. This bra accommodates very broad roots, maybe too broad for even me. This bra is great for people who have horizontally oriented breasts, but not for me cause mine are vertically oriented.

Cup Spacing and Center Gore: I thought the underwires at the center gore would be painful but they are surprisingly not. The cup spacing is optimal.

Color: Not for me. I would like some kaleidoscopic colored bras :)

Straps: Straps adjust long enough for me in both sizes. I did have to the adjust the straps of the 28DD bra all the way to the loosest setting, which is not a good sign for people who have longer torsos than me. I am short, and I have an average length torso for someone of my height. If you are taller than me and have an average length torso for your height, or if you are the same height as me and have a long torso for your height, the 28DD Cleo Maddie might not be for you. Luckily, the 28E bra had significantly longer straps.

Verdict: 50% so this is not a good bra for me, although it was more comfortable than the Juna. Now that I have tried the Maddie and the Juna, I can safely say that both bras were made for similar shaped people. If you have horizontally oriented breasts that are shallow and broad rooted, the Cleo Maddie and the Cleo Juna are probably for you. The Juna does have an uncomfortable gore, while the Maddie does not. The Maddie also caters to people who are in between sizes. If you need a 28D½ the 28DD will be the correct cup size; if you need a 28DD½ go for the 28E. If you're tall or have a long torso, this bra's straps might not be long enough for you.

Here are the photos of the bra in 28DD:

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