Friday, 3 July 2015

Cleo Koko Icon - A Review

Review of the Cleo Koko Icon Bra

After having great luck with the Cleo Neve Strapless in 30D and the Cleo Marcie in 28DD, I decided to order a Neve Strapless clone in a more sensible color. Enter the Cleo Koko Icon, a wonderfully practical bra in beige. Unsurprisingly, it fit exactly the way I had hoped.

Band Size: Very firm. Stretches out to 29" which is what I like in a 30 band bra. For my regular bras should stretch out to 30" or 30.5" but I prefer my strapless bras to only stretch out to 28" or 29".

Cup Size: Unlike the regular Cleo Neve/Koko, the cups run true to size.

Cup Shape: This bra is shallow and has extremely broad wires. It's great for those who are shallow and have broad roots.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Good. The gore is low and there is decent spacing between the cups for my far apart spaced breasts.

Verdict: 100% because the wires are just a tad narrower than the Cleo Neve Strapless. Great for the classically shallow, broad rooted, and tall rooted.


  1. I just discovered r/ABraThatFits and found your blog there. My measurements were calculated to a 28DD and I have been struggling to find a strapless bra that doesn't fall off or cut into the top. I ordered this bra almost immediately after reading your reviews. It is being shipped now and I am hoping it is the perfect fit! Thanks for all the information!

  2. I just would like to say thank you for posting your reviews with pictures! This is actually the first blog I've found that shows what a bra would really look like in my size and shape, and even that was by accident via r/ABraThatFits. :)