Thursday, 30 July 2015

Cleo Juna in 28DD and 28E - A Review

Review of the Cleo Juna bra in 28DD and 28E

The Cleo Juna is another one of the popular Cleo bras. Since I absolutely love the fit of the Neve Strapless, the Marcie, and the Koko Icon, I wanted to branch out and go for the Cleo Juna too. After trying on both the 28DD and the 28E, I am more confused than ever and may need your help.

Band Size: Loose but that's how I prefer it. Both 28 band bras stretch out to 30".

Cup Size: I feel like the 28DD might be almost too small. The 28E might also be a tad too big. I don't know, and that's why I need your input. The lace wrinkles in the 28E, but is perfect in the 28DD.

Cup Shape: Not terrible but not great either. I feel that this bra is for people who have short and broad roots. There's a ton of horizontal space in the cups of the bra and the wires are very broad. With the 28DD I felt like there was almost not enough vertical coverage.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: I wish the cups were actually a tad closer together and that the center gore was a lot lower. It's not causing pain, but it is less than optimally comfortable. It would be more comfortable if I had more bodyfat.

Color: Not for me. I want to get this bra in Ivory.

Verdict: ??? I can't give a good verdict on this bra as I feel that I need to figure out which size suits me better and get the bra in Ivory. I will return these bras as soon. Go for this bra if you have very broad roots, shorter than average roots, moderate shallowness, and don't mind a high pokey gore. 

Here are the photos of the bra in 28DD:

Here are the photos of the bra in 28E:


  1. With this bra, if you're wearing the right size the lace wrinkles. Don't ask me why it's designed like that, I have no idea! But to get a better idea of how it fits, you can tuck the lace into the cup and see if you're quadding out the top better. So I'm guessing the 28E fits you best, but I'd say go whatever is most comfortable!

    1. thanks. I decided to return both bras and exchange them for Cleo Maddies instead.