Friday, 26 June 2015

Change Tactel Push Up - A Review

Review of the Change Tactel Push Up Bra

When I had the good luck of running into a Change store when I was on vacation last week I had to get something. Change is known for making many bras in many sizes. Most things come in 30 bands, some even 28 bands, and many styles go up to a J cup. Change is also known for making great bras for people who are broad rooted and shallow. Although some of the bras had painfully high underwires at the gore and some of them were too closed in at the top edges for my tall roots, I managed to find one that was great. Enter the Tactel Plush Up Bra, which seems like a dream to me. Let's see how it stacks up:

Band Size: True to size. It said it was a 30 band on the label and it stretched out to 30.5". I'm impressed. 

Cup Size: The cups run true to size. The 30D was perfect for me.

Cup Shape: Great. It accommodated my broad, tall roots, and shallowness.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Good. The cups are about as close together as I can stand.

Color: I wish that such a great bra would come in more colors than just Black and "Skin". Apparently you can buy it in White on the website, but the retail store only carried two colors. This bra is so good it should also come in Pink and maybe Cream/Champagne.

Verdict: This would have been a 100% rated bra if it were not for the color. It's great for people who are classically shallow, broad rooted, and tall rooted.

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