Thursday, 2 April 2015

Gossard Superboost Cosmetix - A Review

Review of Gossard Superboost Cosmetix Bra

As much as the last Gossard bra I tried was a perfect fit, I had to resell it because it wasn't what I wanted aesthetically. I wanted something with just as good of a fit but aesthetically more pleasing to me. In comes the Gossard Superboost Cosmetix, a bra that looks to fit the bill. While it is indeed aesthetically more pleasing, it did not pass the fit test. Why Gossard, why?

The pissed off girl in the left picture shows perfectly how disappointed I am with this bra.

Band Size: Very tight. It is supposedly a 30 band but it stretches out to only 29". It would be good for anyone who needs a 28 band.

Cup Size: The 30D bra's cups run true to size.

Cup Shape: This bra, like the Aerie Kate, is a Jude clone. It is too shallow and broad wired. It cuts into my flesh diagonally just like the Cleo Jude does. It even sorta looks like the Jude.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Good. The gore is low as it is a plunge bra. It has good cup separation for my far-apart spaced breasts

Verdict: This is theoretically 75% a good bra. Go for this bra if the Cleo Jude fits you.

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