Friday, 13 March 2015

Wedding and Bridal Lingerie!

Weddings are a super important event in most peoples lives. It's something that you only do once (hopefully) and most brides are highly concerned about looking their best on that special day. As many women like to wear strapless and low back dresses, it is not so easy to find a bra that will go well under your wedding dress. There are a ton of ill-fitting strapless bras out there, and there are some number of low-back bras out there, but it is super hard to find both in bridal white. It is even harder to find ones that come in non-matrix sizes. Here I have found a good one from one of my favorite brands: the Betsey Johnson Forever Perfect Bustier. Best of all, it comes in your choice of White or Nude*** and it's only $46 at!

***I wish Betsey Johnson and other designers/retailers would stop using this racist term. Not everybody has this skin color and it's just plain discriminatory.

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