Monday, 23 March 2015

Bust Friendly Clothing! Pinup Couture at Pinup Girl Clothing!

I don't have a large bust but I know that many of you readers are looking for great clothing items suited for (relatively) larger busts and (relatively) smaller waists. I was feeling in the mood for pinup and rockabilly clothing so I went to Pinup Girl Clothing and bought the Pinup Couture Heidi Dress in Purple Floral Print. My bra size is 28DD or 30D and I had to wear an "Add-2-cups" push-up bra in order to fit into the XS size that I bought. The bra brought me up to the same volume as a person who would wear 28F and there was still space for an increase of one more cup size. This means that the XS dress could fit someone with a bra size of 28FF or 30E. Without further ado, here are photos of me wearing the dress:

I looked around the site and found these other lovely pieces:

While these dresses are lovely, most clothing at Pinup Girl Clothing is in the three-digit price range. However, if those prices are cool with you, I wish you happy shopping!

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  1. as a girl with a large bust i'm always looking for bust friendly clothing, this was a great post!