Monday, 26 January 2015

Lingerie Store Seeks Real Women for its Advertisements!

A Charlottesville VA boutique is hiring models for its advertisements from its own customer base. Derriere de Soie, an independently owned lingerie store, wants to models that are more representative of the female population at large. They carry a good size selection of bras. Some of the brands they carry include Claudette and Fortnight.

I fully applaud their decision. Currently most fashion models are tall, thin, young, able-bodied and European or European-American. We need more models who are of medium height, shorter height, middle aged, older aged, medium build, curvier, pear shaped, apple shaped, hourglass shaped, ruler shaped, plus sized, petite and Women of Color. It would be nice to see disabled and transgendered models too. To apply, click here.


  1. I live near there in the summers when I'm home from school! However, I am " tall, thin, young, able-bodied and European or European-American," so I'm not sure I'd really be able to add very much to the diversity. :P

    1. I think that true diversity would also include people who are "tall, thin, young, able-bodied and European-American". If you are only there during the summers when you are at home, maybe you could tell your hometown friends about it.