Saturday, 3 January 2015

Cleo Neve Strapless in 28DD, 30D, and 30DD - A Review

Review of Cleo Neve Strapless Bra in 28DD, 30D, and 30DD

I have been on a never-ending quest to find the perfect strapless bra. Although I have found the Freya Deco Strapless to be wearable, it was too shallow in 28DD (but the wires were right) and the wires were too wide in 28E (but it had the right amount of projection). After hearing good things about the Cleo Neve Strapless, I decided to try it out in 28DD (my normal size), 30D (because some people told me the band ran small) and 30DD (because some people told me the band and the cups ran small).

Band Size: Very firm. The 28 band bras stretch out to only 27" and the 30 band bras stretch out t only 29". This is a great bra if you are in between band sizes. If you have a 27" or smaller underbust, go for the 28 band. If you have a 29" underbust, go for the 30 band. If you have an even number underbust, go up one size in the band. I should be wearing 28 band bras but this bra's band was so tight I could not even put on the 28DD bra. The 30D wins in this department.

Cup Size: Contrary to the advice given to me by others, the bra's cups run true to size. The 30D's cups fit like 30D cups and the 30DD's cups fit like 30DD cups. Again, the 30D wins here because the 30DD's cups were too big for me.

Cup Shape: This bra is shallow and has extremely broad wires. I wish the wires were slightly more narrow. That being said, it is very open on top and is good for people who are FOT or have tall roots. Many strapless bras (and bras in general) cut into my flesh at the top of the cups but this one does not.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Good. The gore is low as it is a plunge bra. It has good cup separation for my far-apart spaced breasts

Verdict: This is 92% a good bra and gets my highest rating for a strapless bra. Go for this bra if you have very broad roots, and are shallow. It should get extra points if you are FOT and/or have tall roots. Hopefully, I can figure out how to make the wires narrower or get a bra that is similar to this one but has slightly narrower wires.

Here are the photos of the bra in 30D:

Here are the photos of the bra in 30DD:

I did not have any photos of the bra in 28DD as I could not even put it on. That just goes to show how tight the band is.

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