Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Booty Pop Panties - A Review

Review of Booty Pop Panties in XS

A common problem with being thin is that one has very little in the curves department. Investing in a push-up bra and padded panties has been key for me to get the hourglass figure look. Booty Pop has been around for a few years but I had to wait several months to be able to buy their panties in XS. As far as I know, they are the only company on the market that makes 100% cotton XS padded panties. 

Size and fit: This brand runs slightly big. Their size chart indicates that their XS panties are made to fit 34"-36" hips. My hip measurement is 33" and I just barely fit into them. That being said, I am happy to fit into them at all.

Appearance: I bought both colors that were available in my size, so Creme Caramel and Black Licorice. They are both good colors and the panties look good.

Comfort: These panties are incredibly soft and comfortable. They are also made of cotton, which is what I prefer. I almost exclusively wear cotton panties because the material is soft and breathable. 

Do they work? Yes. I put them on under a dress and the results are obvious. In fact, this is the maximum amount of padding I would have wanted on a pair of padded panties. Booty Pop did a good job of providing as much padding as they thought I would need without going overboard. When I measured myself with and without the Booty Pop panties, I saw that they had added 1" to my hip measurement. That is, I went from 33" to 34" with the Booty Pop panties.

Verdict: These are 88% good panties. Go for these panties if you have a very flat butt and want to create some curves. They are good for getting the WOW! look, without overdoing it. Booty Pop also makes some panties that have half the amount of padding, which is good because although I would wear Booty Pop on nights out and special events, I'd prefer a style with somewhat less padding for everyday wear. Although the panties with less padding are nylon, I hope that they have at least a cotton gusset.


  1. They still make "Booty Pop" panties hugh? I like your review of them and would like to try them myself. Where did you buy yours? Or did you have to order them from their TV commercial?

    1. I ordered them from their website: