Saturday, 31 January 2015

b.delight'd by b.tempt'd Strapless - A Review

Review of b.delight'd by b.tempt'd Strapless Bra

This bra review may as well be Part 3 of my neverending quest to find a good strapless bra. The Freya Deco Strapless in 28E is not the best so I went for the Cleo Neve Strapless in 30D. Now, the Neve Strapless was better than the Deco Strapless as it was slightly less broad and shallow. However, I found that the wires on it were still too broad for me. Hence, I decided to try the b.delight'd by b.tempt'd Strapless in 30D and see how it goes.

Band Size: True to size for a b.tempt'd bra. It's a 30 band bra that stretches out to 30.5" which is really good for b.tempt'd. Most other b.tempt'd bras that I have owned in the past were 30 band bras that would stretch out to 31"-34". This band is great if you are a true 30 band. 

Cup Size: This bra's cups run true to size.

Cup Shape: Good and awful at the same time. It is better than the Neve Strapless because the wires are less broad. It is worse than the Neve Strapless because it cuts into my flesh at the tops of the cups. This bras is NOT for people who are FOT or have tall roots.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Good. This bra has good cup separation for my far-apart spaced breasts.

Verdict: Despite this being a 88% good fit for me, I still dislike it because it cuts into my flesh (I have tall roots). Go for this bra if you are shallow, medium rooted, FOB, and short rooted. Now that I know to avoid b.tempt'd strapless bras, I look forward to seeing the Cleo Koko Icon, which is a strapless bra that will be released later this spring. Hopefully, its wires are slightly less narrow than the Cleo Neve Strapless.

Here are the photos of the bra in Praline and Night:

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