Friday, 7 November 2014

Why does Cleo name its bras after Peanuts characters?

Maybe you have noticed for a while now, or maybe this is the first time anyone has pointed this out to you. Does anyone besides me find it weird/strange/interesting that Cleo, a brand made by Panache that caters to younger women, likes to name their bras after Peanuts characters? I think it is cute and endearing of them to do this, and I wonder whether it is intentional or just a coincidence.

First up is the Lucy. I believe that this is the most popular Cleo model, and it is great for anyone who has average spaced breasts, broad roots, and projection at the bottom (FOB). Many women love this bra, although some have said its gore is too high/wide. When I think of the Cleo Lucy, Ithink of the sarcastic and witty older brother of Linus, Lucy van Pelt. She is awesomely funny, wise, and full of pranks.

The next most popular Cleo bra in my opinion is the Marcie. Made for women who have broad roots but have a lot of projection at the top (FOT), this bra features a somewhat narrower gore although it is still high. The Cleo Marcie reminds me of Marcie, the soft spoken voice of reason in the Peanuts gang. She is the foil to Peppermint Patty, the method behind Patty's madness.

A more unknown Cleo model is the Sally, which was only available for sale in 2011. It is a plunge bra that does not have many related models. One of the best things about a plunge bra is the low gore. It is good for people who feel irritated by underwires that go high in the center. Sally Brown, the Peanuts counterpart to the Cleo Sally, is the sweet and easygoing younger sister of Charlie Brown.

So there you have it, three bras that coincidentally (or perhaps not so coincidentally) match up with my favorite Peanuts characters. I personally would like to see a sports bra named Patty, after Peppermint Patty. It would be fitting as she has a very athletic and boisterous personality. Let me know what you think of this phenomenon. 

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