Friday, 3 October 2014

Curvy Kate Roxie - A Review

Review of Curvy Kate Roxie Bra

After a somewhat successful fitting in the Curvy Kate Flaunt in 28DD, I decided to try my luck with the Roxie, also in 28DD. This was an even better bras for me than the Flaunt.

Band Size: Excellent. It is a stretchy 28 band bra, which is exactly what I need.

Cup Size: The cups were the right size for me.

Cup Shape: While the cup shape is even better than the flaunt. It is neither too shallow nor too projected. The wires are wide enough for my broad roots. This bra is for someone with even fullness, whereas the Flaunt/Elegance/Wild were for people who are FOT.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Okay. While the centre gore is low, the cups could have been spaced further apart. The cup spacing is further apart than the Freya Deco Plunge and closer together than any of the Betsey Johnson bras.

Verdict: This is 88% a good bra. Go for this bra if you are slightly-moderately shallow, have wide roots, average distance between breasts, and have even fullness (neither FOT nor FOB).


  1. Interesting. I have Roxie and Elegance and I'm rather evenly full, though little closer to FOB, around 32E. Not conical, but also not very projected.

    Now, Roxie was pretty disappointing to me, I think it has too much space on bottom. It fits quite well, it just gives me no uplift - I cringe every time I see myself in a mirror from side - my breasts are rather low-set.
    Elegance, on the other side gives me terrific uplift, better than any other bra I tried (and I tried many). However I need two cups bigger size (I guess MAYBE one size would be also ok). The trick about Elegance is it works in many ways like push-up, but without squishing the bottom. I guess if somebody is really shallow, it just holds the breasts, but if one's more projected, it pushes up. But either way, you need to have wide roots.

    1. If I were to get an Elegance that actually works I would need the 28E. I hate how it runs 1 cup size small.