Friday, 17 October 2014

Curvy Kate Desire - A Review

Review of Curvy Kate Desire Bra

The Roxie in 28DD was my favourite Curvy Kate bra so far. I tried the Desire in 28DD but it ran one size small in the cups. I exchanged it for the Desire in 28E and it was very good.

Band Size: Excellent. It is a stretchy 28 band bra, which is exactly what I need.

Cup Size: The cups run one size small so I ordered the 28E and it was the right size for me.

Cup Shape: This bra is better than most Curvy Kates, however it is not as good as the Roxie.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Good. The gore is low, but the cups could have been spaced slightly closer together.

Verdict: This is 75% a good bra. Go for this bra if you are shallow and have far apart breasts.

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