Thursday, 11 September 2014

Curvy Kate Wild - A Review

Review of Curvy Kate Wild Bra

After trying on some Betsey Johnson and b.tempt'd bras (both lines only go down to a 30 band), I decided to try a brand that actually makes 28 bands, which are better for me. Curvy Kate makes some very fun bras...not for every day, but certainly glamourous and playful. You can find a good selection of cheap Curvy Kate bras from eBay, especially the sellers who are based in the United Kingdom.

Anyways, I got this bra with much anticipation. I read other bra bloggers' reviews on this bra, and most people said it ran small. I figured I could get the 28E instead of my actual size, which is a 28DD.

Band Size: Excellent. This bra runs large in the band, which is what I wanted anyways. I like loose 28 bands and tight 30 bands and this is a loose 28.

Cup Size: Bad. This bra, does *not* run small in the cup, despite what all the other reviews said. If you decide to get this bra, please get your regular size. I should have gotten the 28DD.

Cup Shape: Bad. They said it would be shallow, but this is *way* *too* *shallow*. The underwire is the correct width for me (wide). It gapes at the top of the cup and there is empty space at the bottom of the cup.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Good. I need a low centre gore and far apart spacing. This bra does just that.

Verdict: This is a 50% good bra. This bra, and others like it (Elegance, Tempt Me, Flaunt) is made for people who like are *extremely* shallow, have wide roots, far-apart spaced breasts, and are full on top. However, I am only slightly shallow and I have even fullness, so this is not a good bra for me, even though it is gorgeous.

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