Thursday, 18 September 2014

Curvy Kate Elegance - A Review

Review of Curvy Kate Elegance Bra

I did not have much luck with my previous Curvy Kate bra (the Wild). That, however, did not stop me from buying another gorgeous Curvy Kate bra. This time, I went for the Elegance in 28DD, hoping that it was the size rather than the cup shape that was wrong for me the first time I tried Curvy Kate.

Band Size: Excellent. It was as stretchy as the Wild bra was.

Cup Size: Bad. This bra was too small for me in the cup.

Cup Shape: Bad. This bra was too shallow for me and so I got a lot of empty fabric in the bottom of the cup.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Good. The cup spacing and centre gore are just as good as the Wild bra was.

Verdict: This is 50% a good bra. Now I know that it is not the sizing of the bras in this range, rather it is the shape of the cup. Go for this bra if you are extremely shallow, have wide roots, and. far apart spaced breasts. Avoid it if you are projected, or only slightly shallow.

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