Monday, 25 August 2014

OMG Aerie has expanded sizes in 30 bands!

While Aerie has long had 30 band bras, for a long time they only offered 30A and 30B. I just noticed that they now have bras in 30C and 30D! I am glad that a mainstream mass retailer has finally decided to offer 30 band bras in expanded sizes, even if it is just online. I took a peek and this is what I found:

They have a nice assortment of demi bras, full coverage bras, and even one push-up! I like how aerie does a good job in having a good assortment of colours that match various skin tones. Among them there are white, fair (a very pale skin-toned pink), nude, caramel, dark maple, and charcoal. This is way better than most bra retailers who only carry one skin-toned colour.

So, to sum it all up, Aerie, a mass retailer, is offering expanded sizes in 30 band bras, in many different colours, all of which seem to be under $30. This must be bra heaven!

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