Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Soak Wash - A Review

Review of Soak Wash

Soak Wash is a liquid detergent for delicate lingerie and sweaters. Anybody who wears bras and/or wool sweaters can benefit from using Soak Wash as it is much gentler on your delicate garments than a traditional washing machine/tumble dryer. You can use Soak Wash to extend the life of your bras and sweaters. I bought a 3 oz bottle of Soak Wash in Unscented for $10 (you can find a list of stores that carry it here:

Soak Wash is very easy to use.

Gather your delicate garments (lingerie and sweaters) and divide them into lights and darks.

Here I have chosen one bra and one sweater.
Add a capful of Soak Wash.
Fill up your sink with cool water.

Let your garments soak in the water for 15 minutes
Lay your garment on a towel; let dry.

Soak Wash is gentler on your delicate lingerie than a washing machine, cheaper than dry cleaning, and ridiculously convenient to use. I highly recommend getting yourself a 3 oz bottle of Unscented if you are just trying it out. If you decide that you like it, 12 oz bottles and other scents are available.

Verdict: 5/5

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