Thursday, 13 March 2014

Petite Outfit: Old Navy Jeans

Old Navy carries a wide selection of petite clothing on its website and their long-sleeved tees are great. So I decided to order a pair of their jeans.

Old Navy The Diva Boot-Cut Jeans in Campfire, size P0

Old Navy's Diva jeans are the straight figure jeans. For curvy body types, there is the Sweetheart and for semi-curvy types there is the Flirt. The jeans were in the right length (29.5" inseam), however they were one size too big in both the hip and the waist. I wish they made size P00. My measurements are 24.5" waist and 33" hip so these jeans would be a good fit for someone who has a 25.5" waist and a 34" hip. I really did like the colour though. Old Navy puts the 'navy' in jeans.

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