Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Intimacy of Boston Retail Store Review

Intimacy is a chain store that is owned by the makers of Marie Jo and Prima Donna. It is a nationwide, high end retailer. I decided to pop in and see what it was like.

When I walked in, the salesperson was busy and I had to wait two minutes before being served. I told her what I was looking for, and she got me a few styles to try out in the fitting room. Since Intimacy of Boston is owned by Van de Velde, the corporation behind Marie Jo, the store primarily carries Marie Jo lingerie. Marie Jo is a very upscale lingerie brand. It makes band sizes 30A-38E, which is still better than most American companies (Van de Velde is Belgian). 

I tried on many lovely pieces of lingerie. I feel like the sizing is a bit inconsistent though. For example, with the Jane push-up bra I needed a 30C. However, with the Jane balcony bra I was spilling out of the 30C and had to get a 30D instead. Also, many of the style were marked as "padded" bras, when really they were just moulded bras. 

Although the products were all pricey, they were actually more reasonable than most online retailers. The bras went for $120-$130 whereas online the same bras would go for $140-$150.

After trying on many bras, I found a really good one: the Jane push-up bra in 30C. Unfortunately, they did not have the colour I wanted in stock. I will have to buy it online sometime in the future.

Verdict: 4/5

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