Thursday, 20 February 2014

Zoe & Co Retail Store Review

I heard about Zoe & Co through the grapevine. Apparently some of my friends are more clued in than I am as to where the best places to shop are. After listening to people talk and reading good things said about them on the internet, I decided to walk into their store and try them out for myself.

When I first walked in, I was greeted by the salesperson. She directed me to a changing room and immediately brought out a HUGE selection of bras that might fit me (sizes 28DD, 30C and 30D). I was glad I made the trek to this store. Not only was their selection better than any other lingerie store I have been to, the service was the best I have experienced so far. My fitter's name was Alyssa and she was super patient with me.

When I was in the changing room I noticed an Excel chart on the wall that showed how many customers wore each band size and how many wore each cup size. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was not the only one who wore what I previously considered to be "weird sizes". Over a hundred customers wore each of the sizes that I can fit into, and even though over a thousand customers wore the most popular sizes, it was still comforting to see that over a hundred women in my have a similar size as myself.

The only thing that may detract some customers is the price of the bras. However one must consider two things:

  1. If the bras were much less expensive, would the quality be the same? Zoe & Co's bras are super high quality and thus the price somewhat reflects the quality. 
  2. At Zoe & Co you are also paying for the service. Could an online retailer provide anything even comparable to the Zoe & Co level of service? At Zoe & Co you are getting advice from a live person who can see you face to face. You also don't have to pay for shipping or returns like you would at an online retailer. With online retailers you would have to buy three bras in sizes that you hope might fit you, pay for shipping, and if by chance one of the three sizes fit you, you would still have to return the two sizes that did not fit you and pay for return shipping.

I therefore consider the prices to reflect not only the selection and quality of the products, but also the level of service you are getting as well as the lack of need to pay for shipping and returns.

Another thing I would like to see Zoe & Co do in the future is open up more stores in places that have a larger population centre. They currently have two locations, one in Concord NH and one in Westerly RI. Those are not exactly large population centres, and many of their customers have to drive 1-2 hours in order to get to their store. However, I have already mentioned this to their management in an email. I have heard that they are looking to open up a third location near Boston but not in the city. I think this is an excellent idea, as the largest population centre in New England is the area including Worcester, Boston, and all the suburbs in between the two cities. Having a store in the middle of that area would be a good idea.

Verdict: 4.5/5

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