Thursday, 20 February 2014

Freya Deco Moulded Strapless - A Review

Review of Freya Deco Moulded Strapless Bra

After getting two padded push-up bras and three every day t-shirt demi bras, I decided that I would buy a strapless convertible bra. I had outgrown my previous strapless convertible bra; it was a Victoria's Secret PINK bra in 32B and it was way too small. As a side note, if you are able to fit into 32A-38DD bra sizes, PINK runs small in the cup. Victoria's Secret regular bras and Aerie bras run more true to size.

Anyways, I went to Zoe & Co because I needed a bra in the right band size. Usually, for smaller busted women (band size 30 or under, cup size A-DD), going up a band size is not a problem. I should be wearing band size 28 but I can also wear band size 30 if I want to. However, DO NOT GO UP IN BAND SIZE WITH A STRAPLESS/CONVERTIBLE BRA! Since the support comes solely from the band, a strapless bra NEEDS to be the smallest band size you can wear. I got a Freya Deco Nude Moulded Strapless bra in 28E.

Band Size: Excellent. This bra runs true to size in the band. The clasp has three rows of hooks, instead of two.

Cup Size: Good. This bra runs slightly small in the cup. If you are wanting to buy this bra, please try your true size and also try one cup size up. I am a 28DD and had to size up to a 28E because the 28DD was slightly small for me.

Cup Shape: Bad. Unlike most Freya bras, this bra was actually made for shallow breasts broad roots. I do not recommend other Freya bras because they are usually for people with projected breasts narrow roots, which is relatively uncommon for women who need petite bra sizes (28A-30DD). I wish is that this bra wasn't so full coverage. The worst thing about the cup shape is that it is way to shallow and way to broad. I am already shallow and broad rooted so I don't see that many women being broader and shallower than me. the 28DD version of this bra has the correct wire breadth but is too shallow. The 28E version of this bra has the correct projection but has way to broad wires.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Good.

Verdict: This is 75% a good bra, but I know that there are better ones out there.

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