Thursday, 27 February 2014

Diversity in Lingerie and MySkins Every Shade Underwear

So I want to begin by telling you about the Diversity in Lingerie campaign. A blogger who lives in Brazil started it to show the lingerie industry that we want to see more diversity in lingerie models. Right now, the lingerie industry mostly uses young, thin, White, able-bodied, cisgendered women. I would like to see more variety in size, age, skin colour, ability level, and gender identity in models featured in ad campaigns.You can use #diversityinlingerie to show manufacturers that you support a more diverse set of models. June of Braless in Brazil.

Luckily, some manufacturers have been listening to us. Enter MySkins, a company that makes 20 shades of "nude" underwear. Don't you hate it when companies use the colour "nude" to represent what they think your skin colour should look like? Very few women in this world have the skin colour that is most often described as "nude". In my opinion, what companies call "nude" is either too light, too dark, or of the wrong hue. Luckily, MySkins' 20 shades of underwear run the gamut from very pale to very dark, and in the medium shades they have pink, yellow, and orange and green undertones.
I love how their advertisement features not just one Model of Colour, but three! They have a Caucasian, a Latina, an African American and an Asian American model in this picture! Other lingerie manufacturers be shamed!

On their site you can order a skin tone chart so that you can figure out which shade matches you best: The best thing about it is that it is free!

One thing that I wish that MySkins would do more is include a higher diversity of sizes when it comes to their products. For their bras they only offer the standard sizes of 32-38, A-D. It would be nice of them to start including petite sizes and plus sizes. 

I will keep you up to date and will share the results of my color chart match when I receive it.

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