Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Betsey Johnson Stocking Stripe Lined Demi - A Review

Review of Betsey Johnson Stocking Stripe Lined Demi Bra


After getting my two b.tempt'd push up bras I decided that I needed some every day bras that had no padding or push-up. Luckily for me, Nordstrom carried some lovely 30C bras by Betsey Johnson. I got three pairs; one in Virgin White, one in Raven Black and one in  Pussycat Pink.

Band Size: Good enough. What I still really want is for band sizes to come in odd numbers, since I measure a 29" underbust. I would like to try a 28D or a 28DD but alas, no retailers near me sell those sizes. Thus, I am still wearing size 30 bands.

Cup Size: Excellent. There were no underwires poking into my breast tissue; there was also no gaping or wrinkled fabric. Cup size is just right.

Cup Shape: Excellent. This brand is also known for having good bras for shallow breasts with broad roots. 

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: This bra was made for people who have broad root breasts that are moderately spaced. I have broad root breasts that are far apart. The centre gore is too narrow! Also, the inner part of the underwires are too high and dig into my sternum.

Verdict: This is a 75% good bra.

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